Rahvusvaheline unepäev 17.03.2017 toimub deviisi all "Maga rahulikult. Hellita elu."

The globe will unite for World Sleep Day® on March 17, 2017 to host activities incorporating the slogan, ‘Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life.`

World Sleep Day is an annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, social aspects and driving. It is organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society (founded by WASM and WSF) and aims to lessen the burden of sleep problems on society through better prevention and management of sleep disorders. As of 2016, World Sleep Day had a total of 394 delegates in 72 countries around the globe.



Friday, February 21, 2020 - 14:01



Sunday, April 1, 2018 - 19:05

Planeeri osalemine Põhjamaade unemeditsiini konverentsil: www.nsc2019.no


Friday, January 26, 2018 - 13:03

Estonian Sleep Medicine Association is glad to acknowledge and support  the initiative  of European Parliament motion for resolution to wind up the debate on the statement by the...

Friday, January 26, 2018 - 12:55

Toetame kellakeeramise lõpetamist Euroopa Liidus

Eesti Unemeditsiini Seltsi avaldus, eesmärgiga toetada Euroopa Parlamendi resolutsiooni ettepanekut, et jõuda...

Monday, November 20, 2017 - 21:10

Tervise arengu instituut on välja andnud teabelehe. "Tagage oma lapsele piisavalt pikk uni!"